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From: Along the Smoking Shore

You have left behind a force of able warriors, to cover your retreat. You know where you are bound: the Castle of Forests. But first you must cross the Shore.

Unlocked with Drum.png Advance! 24, Cannon.png Stage of the War exactly 4, Parabola.png Parabolan Campaign exactly 4 (Yourself)


The Garden of Greener Dreams

[…] You are too far for conversation, but you watch yourself raise a hand in greeting. You turn away, leaping from the wall before you can respond. Perhaps you did not wish to face your rejection; perhaps you already knew what you would do. […]

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  • Cannonsmall.png You must conquer the Castle of Forests to conclude your campaign. (Sets Cannon.png Stage of the War to 5)
  • Drumsmall.png 'Advance!' has been reset: a conclusion, or a new beginning?

Redirects to: Within the Castle of Forests