Fund the production of a notorious new ballet

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From: Entry in Slowcake's Exceptionals

A Malapert Impresario has found a company rash enough to perform The Petals, that alluring, disgusting, ineffable ballet. Now all he needs is the money.

Game Instructions: This will substantially increase Hedonist and decrease Austere; and consume your Entry, along with all your Notability.

Unlocked with 2000 x Penny, Hedonist 12-14, Notability 3


A Night of Floral Fervours

'To watch the Petals,' […] 'is to observe the gods at their death-bed and at their debauch. […] I am disgusted by it, but it is never far from my thoughts. […] I urge you to stay far away. But I will see it again, and again, until it closes. […]'

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