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Actions which give out Blackmail Material.

For a list of uses (cards/storylets it unlocks, and actions requiring it), see Category:Blackmail Material.


  • Keep a quiet dignity at the end of the Riding the Savage Cobbles carousel in Ladybones Road: 1 Material/15 actions; trains Dangerous. Also gives two An Identity Uncovered!; 25 cycles plus two actions to convert yield 35 Material at a total cost of 1 Material/10.77... actions. This is the most efficient method, but only for substantial amounts of Blackmail Material. (If you need 18 Material, the efficiency is slightly worse; 13 cycles + 1 conversion has an efficiency of 10.888). [1]
  • Stock up on Proscribed Materials using Unfinished Business in Watchmaker's Hill, and convert up the Rumour chain in large chunks: in the long run, 1 Material/13.4 actions [2].

  1. For very large amounts needed (multiples of 185 Material) this improves even further; 125 cycles yields 125 Material directly, 250 Identities Uncovered which convert to 50 more across 10 more actions, and 250 Scraps of Incendiary Gossip, which take 5+2 actions to convert to 10 more Material. Restoring the Connected: Society used takes 9-10 actions, for a total of 10.2756756... actions per Blackmail Material.)
  2. If the round numbers the conversions require didn't matter, 5 Blackmail Material would start out as around 1417 Proscribed Material and be converted upwards in around 10.36 actions. Assuming A literary sort of fist-fight pays out 100ppa, getting 1417 Proscribed Materials takes around 56.68 actions. The round numbers do matter, though, if your aims are small: as the worst case, 5 Materials takes 116 actions (1 Material/23.2 actions), and gives a stack of Rumour leftovers at almost every level. In the mid-range, grinding the 110 Materials to give to Mr Pages takes 1523 actions: 1 Material/13.8 actions.

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