Gain access to Wolfstack Docks

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From: Wolfstack Docks

The Docks are Dangerous, but offer opportunities for the very skilled. You can bribe a Corrupt Customs Official to provide you with a dockside permit...

Game Instructions: The Wolfstack Docks are most interesting to players with Dangerous 60+.

Unlocked with 500 x Shard of Glim, 200 x Fistful of Surface Currency

Locked with Route: Wolfstack Docks


You've gained access to the Wolfstack Docks

The Customs Official looks up as you drop two heavy pouches on his desk. He gasps and squeaks and pulls the blinds down. He closes the door […], stuffs the paper into your pocket and flaps you frantically out of his office. That was fun.

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Success Instructions: You can now travel to the Wolfstack Docks from the map. A hint when you do go there: never say sailor when you mean zailor.