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From: Rely on F.F. Gebrandt

Even if the subject is outside her expertise, F.F. Gebrandt always has something insightful to say.

Unlocked with Experimental Object not 901-1000


Useful Insight

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Description summary:
The description varies with Experimental Object

Experimental ObjectDescription
10F.F. Gebrandt is a valuable sounding-board, gently pushing and pulling on you until you reach your conclusions. Even if this is not her field of study, she has an ease for recalling facts and making connections.
40F.F. Gebrandt works on chemical additives for locomotive fuel – ways to make the coal burn hotter, faster, brighter.
110 - 130"We are moving into weapons research, then?" She smiles thinly. "Never got into the business myself; too much competition. And frankly, most days, it's more challenging to not make an explosive compound."
140 - 160[…] "What we are about with the Principle here is pure chemistry," […] "The Principles are dream stuff, and what is the reagent of dreams if not our own selves? Now hold still. You are caught up in this too." She reaches for a set of silver tongs […]
210, 240You can't help but note the disdainful emphasis she puts on the word "Parabola." Her help is still invaluable, however, as she explains the relationship between different silver ammine solutions and the optical properties of the resulting mirrors.
220, 230, 260[…] "Geography is simply chemistry at scale, and urban planning is simply geography plus economics." She has little patience for historical detail or cryptic hints, but her insights prove useful in dismissing some of the more fanciful theories.
250F.F. Gebrandt handles the scrip with a pair of tweezers and a disgusted expression. […] "At first I thought it was chemical […] But I think it may not be dependent on skin contact. I find myself wanting to build a […] lab in Jericho. Take it away, please."
310"Why does it have to do everything? […] Why is so much of it on fire?

She never stops scribbling on the margins of the schematics, selecting ideal materials for each part […] "Might as well do it right […] It will get a lot of work done."

320 - 330, 350 - 360F.F. Gebrandt is no engineer, but her expertise in materials science is invaluable in ensuring pressure vessels don't burst and fly-wheels don't come apart.
410, 430, 460, 470F.F. Gebrandt is happy to examine the metabolic processes of a living subject, and document their chemical pathways. You do have to stop her from using your experimental subject to test out a new formulation of her Renewed Tonsorial Formula […]
450F.F. Gebrandt is happy to lend a hand identifying the many, many distinct fluids that seem to ooze from the shark's body when you cut into it, remove its organs, or just stare at it the wrong way. If the smell troubles her, she does not let you know.
465F.F. Gebrandt is fascinated with spider silk – if only a similar polymer could be synthesized chemically, it would revolutionize the garment industry. The spiders don't seem all too pleased at the suggestion.
485[…] amniotic fluid […] fascinates her. "This liquid seems to contain instructions for the growing creature – implanting a purpose, nurturing loyalty, that kind of thing. If I could create a version that wasn't lethal to humans... think of the applications!" […]
490"An egg?" F.F Gebrandt raises a quizzical eyebrow. "I shall fetch the miniature hammers."
495[…] "It has everything," she says, very pleased. "There's poisoning and healing, there's transformation and decay, and there's just the hint of something that would put the Masters out of joint, if they knew that I know."


510 - 610F.F. Gebrandt is keenly interested in palaeontology, and is not afraid to bring her many hypotheses to bear on your present study.
810 - 830"Geology is a fascinating, if trivial, subject." She insists on observing as you use her prototype of F.F. Gebrandt's Intermediate Rock and Mineral Identification Kit for Young Explorers & Geologically-Inclined Children.
1010 - 1030, 1050F.F. Gebrandt has a solid grounding in theoretical physics and little patience for the more fanciful ideas of Neathy mathematicians. "Does this really have a practical application?"
1210She is strict about lab safety protocol. She insists you both work under a fume hood. She feeds tiny bites of Murgatroyd's Fungal Crackers to the weasels. She takes very thorough notes on the effects of poisons.
1320F.F. Gebrandt shows little interest in the cultural context of the artefact, but she is happy to assist in dating and cataloguing its material composition.
1340F.F. Gebrandt is disinclined to approach the creature directly. Furnished with a few samples of limestone, however, she will learn what she can about it.
1350[...] most curious [...] composition of the metal. [...] stripes of darker and paler colour [...] hand-forged steel blade [...] folded again and again. But [...] isn't steel, [...] doesn't think it was forged. [...] look more like [...] rings of a tree [...] the growth patterns [...] shell of an extremely large sea-creature.

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