Get the tailor to work her magic on your egg

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From: A Tailor's Augmentation

Not literal magic, of course. This is no glasswork. This is the uncanny as delivered by one who is truly a master of her entirely ordinary craft.

Game Instructions: The Tailor's Augmentation will cause your Egg to produce a unique garment rather than a pet. The nature of the garment will depend on the type of egg and whether it has been Enlightened or Invigorated; no other augmentations will affect the result.

Unlocked with 3 x Amber Ha'penny, It is Viable!, 2 x Muscaria Brandy

Locked with Sartorial Augmentation, Waiting for Your Egg to Hatch, It is Hatching!


"Pass it here!"

"[…] If I'm right, well... I wouldn't want a baby Bazaar hatching in my front room. […] Of course, not all of these are going to have Bazaars in them, but one must. […]"

What makes her think this is the cause of the eggs? "It's just my opinion."

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