Have a word with F.F. Gebrandt

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However, a replicated version can be found at Have a word with F.F. Gebrandt (if she had won).
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From: Election 1898: The Victor is Announced

She's standing at the edge of the crowd, her expression cryptic

Unlocked with You have pledged your support to - F.F. Gebrandt


Something other than surprise

F.F. Gebrandt's smile warms when she sees you […]


[…] "Science is still science, whether it wins an election or not. I have a few things for you. As thanks for all your help. [varying]"

Description summary:
F.F. Gebrandt seems disappointed but not entirely surprised by the outcome, and remarks on the Viscountess. If you have a University Laboratory, she also expresses an interest to visit it in a few months time when she is recovered from her defeat

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