Hell, without Compass

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Description summary:
The description varies based on Null and Void.

Null and VoidDescription
13Le Livre Orange VII:VII – The Traveller's path was unhindered, all the way to Place of the Lily that Weeps. There, the Lily too did toll. The Traveller knelt to listen[…]

[…]They followed its toll to the Palace of Iniquities, where the bells grew silent.
14[…]XV:VX – The Traveller stood at the turn of the dial, the clock which[…] marks the heartbeat of Hell

The most sacred, and[…] loathed, reliquaries[…]: hours[…],[…] starlight,[…] treaties[…]

The Traveller had a choice[…], though the author knew not what they would choose.

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Unlocked with a redirect from Take the carriage to Hell

Storylet appears in The Gates of Hell


The Traveller entered the Palace
The Traveller took a Firkin of Starshine
The Traveller took an Ancient Seal of Hell