Hellbound: The Inquisition

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Description summary:
Description changes according to the Clerk's inspection, which advances A Church in the Wild.

A Church in the WildDescription
< 50The Inconspicuous Clerk extends his arms. "The question that remains […] – and it is perhaps the most crucial point when it comes to considering the merits of a church – is that of faith."

[…] "I am more than qualified to determine this point."

> 50The matter of the inspection is over. As far as the Bishop and his fellow inquisitors are concerned, the matter is closed. Perhaps they are correct.

[Find the rest of the story at https://www.fallenlondon.com]

Unlocked with a redirect from Hellbound: the Ambiance of the Church

Storylet appears in Burrow-Infra-Mump


Submit to the Inconspicuous Clerk's Inquisition (Hellbound/Orthodoxy)
Submit to the Inconspicuous Clerk's Inquisition (Hellbound/Iconoclasm)
Summon your Patron (Counter-Church to Church of Hell)
Summon your Patron (Church of Hell to Counter-Church)
Bid farewell
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    Unlocked with A Church in the Wild 50



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