Help from an unlikely source

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From: Restitution?

"'ere, longshanks! Slivvy says 'as 'ow you wants to get rid of your wind-brand. And for a wery reasonable price." This will end your quest for the Name.

Game Instructions: Take advantage of this opportunity! Get out now!

Unlocked with 1 x Aeolian Scream, 100 x Jade Fragment, Connected: Urchins 10


Rooftop rituals

In the shadow of a crematorium smoke-stack, you meet a stout and stuttering urchin with a face marred by a liver-coloured birthmark. [...] When you recover consciousness, [...] your mind is clearer than it has been in weeks.

Description summary:
The Stuttering Urchin takes your payment of jade, and begins reciting - without so much as a stammer - a chant of old secrets and mysteries. You lose consciousness around the time he lets the Aeolian Scream free, but when you awaken near the cracked wreckage of a nearby chimney, your burden is lifted at last.

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