Help plant an agent in the Ministry for Public Decency

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From: Gunpowder and Zeal: the Revolutionaries

Action Cost: 5

As revolutionaries go, the Jovial Contrarian is perilously frank. "We've no shortage of troublemakers, speech-wrights, and bomb-throwers," he tells you. "What the movement needs today is someone of sound reputation." He looks at you meaningfully.

Game Instructions: If you're not currently Closest To anyone else, this will make you Closest to the Revolutionaries.

Unlocked with 1 x Personal Recommendation, Closest To - is: None, Spending Secrets 4, Ruthless 4



You meet the revolutionaries' agent […] outside the Ministry […]. You introduce her as […] a […] clerk […] The Jovial Contrarian meets you afterwards. […] "[T]he Masters censor material […] [W]e will find out what that is..."

Description summary:
You use your Personal Recommendation to get the Revolutionaries' agent into the Ministry of Public Decency. The Jovial Contrarian will use the intel the agent and you gathered at the Ministry to find out what the Masters have censored.

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