Hire a busker to help you attract the Investment-Minded Ambassador

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From: Seeking Buyers

Action Cost: 0

You don't look quite respectable enough for her on your own, but with some help you can attract her attention.

Description summary:
The remainder of the description with Bone Market Exhaustion. Additionally, at Exhaustion < 4, an extra phrase is added based on Skeleton in Progress.

< 4She buys skeletons[…], Epaulette Mates, and Weasels of Social Discomfiture.

She pays in Memories of Light and Tailfeathers as Brilliant as Flame.

Quantities of Tailfeathers scale with your antiquity multiplied by itself.
≥ 4She buys Epaulette Mates and Weasels of Social Discomfiture.

She pays in Surface Currency, Tailfeathers[…], and Moves in the Great Game.

At other times she would be able to pay well for skeletons […], but her funds are too depleted at the moment.
Skeleton in ProgressAdditional phrase after "buys skeletons"
0 (Hypothetical Skeleton)(which you would need to assemble)
10 (Creature)(though you would need to finish the one you're working on)

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Game Instructions: [see table below]

AntiquityGame Instructions
0Since you don't currently have a skeleton with antiquity to offer, this buyer will not be as rewarding as they otherwise might be.
1Your current skeleton has only one point of antiquity. This buyer will pay something for that, but you aren't getting the most out of their bonus effect.
2Your current skeleton has two points of antiquity. More would make this buyer pay out more extensively.
3 - 4Your current skeleton has enough antiquity to make this buyer interesting.
5+Your current skeleton has a lot of antiquity. This buyer would love that.

Note that the cost of hiring the busker will be lost even if you decide not to do business with the Ambassador – so be sure you have something to sell her.

Unlocked with Respectable 13-14, 100 x Bottle of Greyfields 1879

Locked with Bone Market Exhaustion 4 (This is implemented as a soft-lock more than as a hard-lock; the player can still see this option and use it to sell anything other than skeletons.)


Socially acceptable

The Impoverished Viscount has no money but plenty of social credit. Restock his cellars, and he's happy to make a few discreet introductions and assurances on your behalf. An hour or so later, he comes round with the Ambassador on his arm.

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