Hoist yourself up to the window and investigate

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From: Something strange outside the window...

Shadows gather thickly around the window, fluttering like leaves in the wind.

Challenge information


  • 1-2 Modest
  • 3-4 Low-risk
  • 5+ Straightforward


There's something outside the window...

Someone - someone with a good head for heights - has stuck a candle in a crevice in the outside wall of the prison, hundreds of feet above the Unterzee. Interestingly, this candle seems to emit shadows, not light...you reach out and take it.

Success Instructions: You've found an Advantage! Advantages may give you a second chance when you fail a difficult Challenge - but they only work once.


It doesn't seem to make sense...

After a while, the shadows fade and you jump back down to the cell floor.