I Will Ask a Friend for Help

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Something is wrong. But what? There is a fog in my mind. It obscures every thing.

Unlocked with Stormy-Eyed 6

Card drawn in The Mind of a Long-Dead God

Occurs with Standard Frequency


I will send a message
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    Unlocked with Stormy-Eyed 6


    When Sent

    I must wait, now Hopefully my friend will come to my aid. I will keep the rain from their roof and stop the wind from gusting through their house.

    Your friend will receive: Placeholder2small.png I, [Sender], have been possessed! I am inside the mind of a long-dead thunder god! Help me!

    Once Accepted

    You will receive:

    I listened to the soothing voice of [Friend] and I felt the god leaving me, little by little.

    Your friend will receive:

    Envelopesmall.png You've spent some time convincing [Sender] they are not a force of nature that's been extinct for centuries. A thank-you gift has arrived.