Confident Smile

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Advantage (Second chances)  + 
Owl.png Eye.png Sudden Insight
Owl.png Envelope.png Letter of introduction
Sidebarshadowy.png Blackglove.png Hastily Scrawled
Warning Note
Sidebarshadowy.png Demeter.png Anticandle
Bear.png Fist.png Hard-Earned Lesson
Bear.png Blackjack.png Surprise Attack Plan
Fox.png Confidentsmile.png Confident Smile
Fox.png Demeter.png Twincandle

Your self-assurance is beguiling. Gives a second chance on Persuasive challenges.

Acquire these by attending to matters of persuasion and scandal at your Lodgings.

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It cannot be bought or sold at the Bazaar.

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At your Your Social Engagements you may: