A Storied Life

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Reason: Might have a hidden Terpsichorean School option with The Rose Giveth...

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An Illustrated Composer approaches you in the street […] "You're the one they're whispering about, ain't you? […]" […] He pulls out a grimy notebook and pencil. "Please – spare me the story. […] just enough for a verse, even – for me to make my daily bread."

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Unlocked with a redirect from Make a Decision about the Charming Young Jewel-Thief or The Jewel-Thief and the Heiress or What Will you do about the Honey-Sipping Heiress? or Time to Bid Farewell to the Honey-Sipping Heiress or Would you Sell the Cloistered Diatomist's Secret Recipe? or What Will you do About the Cloistered Diatomist? or Move on From the Cloistered Diatomist

Storylet appears in Veilgarden


A lamentation in the style of the Celestials
Revel in a sordid story, as is the Nocturnal fashion
Expose him to the enigmatic beauties celebrated by the Bazaarines
Help him find his own voice
A natural philosophy