Inquire after additional 'reports' (Unprovenanced Artefacts)

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From: The Precocious Engineer

The Engineer gets more from the iguana than your arrangement covers. They will give you more if you can supply them with certain materials.

Game Instructions: This will get you one Emetic Revelation. The cost will vary each week.

Unlocked with The Engineer's Current Need: is Unprovenanced Artefact (World Quality, now locked), An Agent of No Consequence, A Report from the Khagan's Palace, 4 x Unprovenanced Artefact


"Ah, just what I needed"

"I've taken an interest in archaeology," the Engineer says. "Haven't had much success, though." Indeed, the potsherds and stone idols they've been examining look rather less intact than when they came in, and a few are singed.