Intervene in his favour

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From: The Salvation of a Rubbery Man

The poor creature is harmless. Probably. He deserves better! Also, Rubbery Men are known to give deep amber to those they favour. He is carrying a heavy satchel.

Challenge information

Broad, Persuasive 12

  • 9 - very chancy (45%)
  • 11 - chancy (55%)
  • 13 - modest (65%)
  • 15 - very modest (75%)
  • 17 - low-risk (85%)
  • 19 - straightforward (95%)
  • 20 - straightforward (100%)


A rousing speech!

You quote Montaigne, Voltaire […] you make up […] fine sentiments and put them in the mouths of those worthies. […] The Rubbery Man makes a sad discordant fluting sound, presses the satchel into your arms and scuttles off sideways […]

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Hm. You misjudged their mood.

You quote Montaigne, Voltaire, Tom Paine and several philosophers of antiquity. That is, you try to, but halfway through your speech, amidst cries of 'Voltaire? The Frenchy?' and 'Get the rubber-lover!' you are chased humiliatingly from the scene.