Investigate the Clay Highwayman: Ask the Constables

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From: Who is the Clay Highwayman?

The Constables must be keeping tabs on him. Maybe they can help you find out more.

Unlocked with The Chap on the Corner

Wiki note: The title of this option changes depending on your level of On the Trail of the Clay Highwayman.


(see below)

(See below; outcome depends on On the Trail of the Clay Highwayman after increase)

On the Trail of the Clay HighwaymanTitleDescription
1Whispers of a Bandit KingThe existing file on the Clay Highwayman is held at the Magistracy of the Evenlode[…] a vague description (One CLAY MAN, possibly UNFINISHED) and a long litany of crimes […] more information can be found with proper legwork.
2The Bandit's HideoutA Weathered Constable reports that the Clay Highwayman's whereabouts are unknown[…] Somewhere[…] in the deep hinterlands[…] "We've an inkling 'e lives in a cave. A small cave. A... sub-cave. Obviously we all live in a big cave."
3Scots? Why Scots?A Jovial Constable returns[…]. "[…] I've been asking questions an' all that. Seems this Clay Highwayman o' yours has a band. […]"Scots, all of them. […]" She lets the implicit question linger a second. "But it jus' makes sense, don' it? That they're Scottish."
4A Beast of Clay[…]"There's eye-witness accounts of it,[…] all diff'rent," explains a Businesslike Constable.[…] six eyes glowing like lamp-lights or tusks made of wrought iron." It is unclear whether the Elephant-Sized Clay Beast is actually made of clay, or from Polythreme[…]
5Legends and Lies[…] he marched (or rode his Clay-Beast) all the way here from Polythreme[…] he sometimes takes off his head before going on raids, and replaces it with an eerily glowing glim-lamp […] has been to the Gant Pole […] […] perhaps one day you will meet him face to face.