Invite a friend to the tournament

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From: A tournament of weasels!

Isn't there someone on the Surface that you just know would appreciate the weasel-fighting?

When Sent

Your invitation is en route

No doubt your friend is rushing to join you at their earliest convenience! If they do so, it will surely bring your weasel a little extra luck.

  • Confidentsmilesmall.png You've gained 1 x Confident Smile (or more?) (if you only have 11 or less)

Your friend will receive:

Weaselwhitesmall.png [Friend] has invited you to join them in Fallen London, where they have entered their pet weasel in a tournament. They need you there for moral support. And the bookies are offering good odds on their weasel... Join them now!

Once Accepted

You will receive:

[Friend] has joined you in Fallen London! And you've won a little something at the weasel-fights.

Your friend will receive:


Twitter/facebook message is: [Friend] invites you to join them at a tournament of Weasels! They know your presence will bring them luck!

In messages, the invitation is refered to as "An Invitation to a Weasel-tournament"