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From: Literary Ambitions

You're quite the poet. And although your circumstances might currently be humble, the Veilgarden set are starting to take notice. What you need are followers. An artistic movement!

Game Instructions: This will invite someone who isn't playing to join you, and start a lucrative and somewhat bohemian story if they do.

Unlocked with Persuasive 5

Locked with Enjoying the bohemian atmosphere of Veilgarden 1

When Sent

Now all you can do is wait

You dash off an artistic manifesto for your friend. Teasing hints of whole new creative avenues only possible in the fallen city. Why are they wasting their time on the dreary old Surface? The courier takes your envelope and is gone. [You can see if your friend has accepted the invitation yet on the Home tab. You'll get a little extra story when they do.]

Your friend will receive:

Wineglasssmall.png [Friend] thinks you would make a fine poet. Will you join them in Fallen London's bohemian circles?

Once Accepted

You will receive:

[Friend] has made the dangerous journey from the Surface. The times you'll have together!

Your friend will receive:

Envelopesmall.png ---

Twitter/facebook message is: the same as the request description

In messages, the invitation is refered to as "The Neath's Poetic Depravity "