Invite the Silk-Clad Expert to Explore the Moulin Waste (30 FATE)

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From: Choose a team for an Expedition

You have not seen her in a long while. She has been busy, but she is as inclined to discovery as ever.

Game Instructions: The Silk-Clad Expert will sometimes find alternate, and safer, routes through the Waste. She carries 15 supplies and takes a 9% cut. Once you have gained access to the Expert with Fate, you will be able to dismiss and re-hire her freely, in Moulin and in your Laboratory.

Unlocked with Learning from a Silk-Clad Expert 8-10

Locked with Assistants for an Expedition 2, The Silk-Clad Expert on your Expedition

Cost: 30 FATE


No reward narrative information available for Fate-locked actions.