Invite your spouse to an indulgent evening out

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From: Attend to Matters of the Heart

There is fire in your blood today! How would your spouse feel about doing something thrilling?

Unlocked with Images of a Wedding:, 1 x Free Evening

Locked with Asking your Spouse to an Indulgent Evening Out [friend] 1, Organising a Wedding 1

Your friend needs Espoused to (you), Organising a Wedding 0

When Sent

London awaits!

Let there be no doubt: this evening will be delicious. Raucous waltzing in the Carnival's music tent? The engagement of a private room in the Parlour of Virtue? So many possibilities.

In Messages Tab

You will receive:

You've asked your spouse.

Your friend will receive:

Your spouse has suggested a joyful night out. How about it?

Wiki note: This will unlock An Indulgent Evening with your Spouse for your friend.