Organising a Wedding

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So much to do! If things get too much for you, though, your betrothed can offer to take over the burden of planning using the Matters of the Heart card at their lodgings.

Game Instructions: Use the Plan a Wedding card in your lodgings to increase this quality. As it rises, more venues will unlock. The better the venue the more (and the more prestigious) guests will attend your wedding.

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Unlocked with


  • 1-9: You've barely begun!
  • 10-19: Everything is coming together. How exciting!
  • 20-29: The novelty is, alas, beginning to wear off
  • 30-39: Lists. Charts. Appointments.
  • 40-59: How, after all that, is your 'to-do' list barely dented?
  • 60-69: There is a hardness to your eyes, now. A veteran's look
  • 80-500: The end is in sight! All logic, pity and mercy say so
  • 501+: It will be the event of the year!