It's time (Last Constable)

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From: Inform the Last Constable

There is no turning back from this point.

Game Instructions: With A Stiff-Backed Young Lady: If you have not deviled with the tankards in the Medusa's Head, you may lose your Stiff-Backed Young Lady.

Locked with A Question for the Last Constable


All in readiness

The Last Constable nods once. "Alright then, let's be on our way." […] The Cheery Man has already ordered the table set, the tankards filled. The poisoned ones have been marked with a cross on the bottom. […]

Description summary:
After a stop at Caligula's for a deep mug of coffee, you proceed to the Medusa's Head. The Last Constable instructs you not to interfere, no matter what.

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