Key to a Handsome Townhouse

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Let's see - graceful, well-appointed, with a respectable address and a number of wide, airy rooms. 'Airy' if they weren't a mile underground, anyway. Use the key in your Inventory to move into your new lodgings. Allows three cards in your hand.

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It can be purchased from Penstock's Land Agency in the Bazaar, but cannot be sold there.

Buying 500 x Romantic Notion Penstock is pensive. "The Bazaar values these," he says. "In this it is wise. As in so many matters."

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Your Handsome Townhouse

One of the more decorous areas of the city. Uniformed doormen stand on well-scrubbed steps. Elegant ladies promenade in the fashions of the season. The Constables are plentiful and idle. But what happens behind closed doors?


Move to your Handsome Townhouse
Reclaim your Townhouse
Close your Orphanage
Shutter your Salon