Romantic Notion

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Economy: Nostalgia
0.02 Drop of Prisoner's Honey
▾▾▾ 50:10 or 500:105
0.30 | Rare: 2.50
0.10 Romantic Notion
▾▾▾ 50:10 or 500:105
0.40 | Rare: 12.50
0.50 Vision of the Surface
▾▾▾ 50:10
1.00≈≈ | Rare: 25.00
2.50 Touching Love Story
▾▾▾ 25:5
2.00 | Rare: 62.50
12.50 Bazaar Permit

- Vestige of a Starlit Reverie
- Sample of Lacreous Affection
- 'Look Always to Love' Telescope
- Holy Sanguinarine Ointment
- Discriminating Aconite
12.50 Emetic Revelation
62.50 Captivating Ballad
62.50 Soothe & Cooper Long-Box
1562.50 A Tasting Flight of Targeted Toxins

For items with two conversion options, the
success given refers only to the first option.
Bulk options do not have additional benefits.

When buying these, the Bazaar borders on generosity. Do the Masters aspire to poetry?

Create this by using other Nostalgia items in your inventory. Opportunities to acquire these can be found by increasing your connections with Bohemians, the Church, Hell, and Urchins.

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It can be sold to the Bazaar, but cannot be bought.
Selling 0.10 (no message)

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Exploit your Romantic Notions

Who says there isn't good money to be made from all that sighing and moping?



Pen some Neathy love poetry for a Surface audience


Hold a salon dedicated to nostalgia for the Surface