Lecture the crowd on your latest monograph

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From: Pontification

If anyone is going to pontificate upon a subject around here, it will be you.

Game Instructions: You will not lose your monograph, and will still be able to publish it later.

Unlocked with Monograph in Progress

Challenge information

A matter of luck: How can you fail? (success chance: 90%)


Unable to captivate the audience

Since you haven't yet published this monograph, it doesn't excite anyone's interest. […]

You fail to speak at some length about all the things that you haven't written. […] The goat-demon […] asks with awe how you have managed to say so little.

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No interruptions!

The goat-demon (whose own lecture you haven't just usurped) doesn't take kindly to your monograph. You aren't escorted to the door, guided by a pair of lowered horns.

Well, this scene might have been quite embarrassing, had it happened.