Let out a good, hearty scoff

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From: In Which a Rare Meteorological Phenomenon, Seldom Seen in London, is Recorded

Mischievous limestone men? Weaponized perfumery? An artificial rain cloud over London? What rot!



Relief is [...] melted away [...] this is merely the latest horse in London's ceaseless cavalcade [...]

[...] streets are drenched, covered in trash, and filled with Nature's most obnoxious sound: [...] happy children at play. [...] a wretched capstone to a wretched summer

Success Instructions: Thus ends the story of the Prelapsarian Exhibition, though its consequences may still be felt for some time. You may wish to speak to Gebrandt at the Prelapsarian Museum to collect certain rewards. If you have obtained A Bronze Plaque Dedicated to Your Good Self, expect a special gift after the festival ends.