Let the little rascal play with your egg

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From: An Augmentation Applied on the Sly

Of course they can't do what they've promised. But the application of their over-earnest imagination might influence your egg in unpredictable ways.

Unlocked with 6 x Compromising Document, 1 x Fully Enlightened Aged Egg or 1 x Fully Enlightened Pelagic Egg

Locked with Sly Augmentation, Waiting for Your Egg to Hatch, It is Hatching!


More performance than procedure

It is unlikely that an augmentation would involve juggling. […] when the twins sidle up with unnerving amounts of eye-contact, it is clear you're being distracted.


Simultaneously, their prattle stops. […] There is your egg. Has anything changed?


Description summary:
A couple of the urchins offer strange theories about who the eggs originally came from and who they were intended for, to distract you from what the others are doing.

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