Looking in the garden

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From: Heart's Desire – Walking in the Garden

The two statues escorting you light lamps and braziers. What can you see?

Unlocked with ALLURE 12, Unnatural Exuberance exactly 1


The first time

[…] Tread my memories."

[…] travellers in the dress of ancient China […] A priest-king receives the traveller […] laughing and kissing […]

[…] a cave […] traveller […] short step from death […] priest-king weeps […] Two figures […] Masters […]

Description summary:
You walk through the memories of the King with a Hundred Hearts. You see the King as when he used to be human - a traveller (probably in or from ancient China). Then he meets a priest-king which you recognize as the now Manager of the Royal Bethlehem Hotel. They have apparently lived together and loved each other. When the traveller is close to death and the priest-king is in grief, two Masters of the Bazaar appear (one carries a cup, the other an unlit candle) and offer an "exchange".

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