Make a discreet inquiry into the upper strata

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From: Ambition Nemesis: A Connoisseur of Cessation

The British nobility are bred from birth to rule. Though reduced in circumstance, ambition and entitlement run through their veins. Someone will have at least thought of a way to return to their ancient seats of power.

Unlocked with 5 x Favours: Society


The idle rich

[…] A Tragic Scion invites you to his home. […]

His family […] found the Cardinal's Honey, a midnight strain of the Red Honey. One by one they imbibed the black honey, and one by one they vanished. […]

The Scion still keeps the name of the procurer. […]

Description summary:
A lonely nobleman told you of the ruinous means by which his family is reduced to one person: Cardinal's Honey. He mentioned the person that knows how to get it, and that he will be at a social function.

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