Make the Sanguine Auctioneer take you to the Spires Collection

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From: Ambition Nemesis – The Auctioneer on King Charles Street. 2

Your need for information outweighs his need for the illusion of security.

Unlocked with Ambition: Nemesis exactly 182, Forceful 3


A point made

[…] suffering is an eternal constant – and you are intimately familiar with its methodology. […] you could begin immediately.

[…] He rises from his chair, hand only shaking a little as he reaches for his sherry. "If you'd just follow me."

Description summary:
You successfully threatened to tear his demesne down around him.

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  • Nemesissmall.png An occurrence! Your 'Ambition: Nemesis' Quality is now 184 - Continue preparing your revenge. You can get back to this story later from Your Lodgings!
  • Quirkforcefulsmall.png Forceful is increasing… (+5 CP)
  • Quirkmagnanimoussmall.png Magnanimous is dropping… (-5 CP)

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