Mr Chimes' Grand Clearing-Out

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Description summary:
The description varies based on Involved in Mr Chimes' Grand Clearing-Out.

1 - 3The Masters seek riches buried beneath London! All of London is encouraged to take place in a grand excavation. A few pavilions have been set up […] selling objects unearthed from the ground. […] Auditors have taken to the streets to hand out shovels […]
5Though London is riven with chasms and sinkholes, the spirit of the festival goes on unabated. Well, mostly unabated. One of the pavilions in Tyrant's Gardens looks a little crooked as the earth beneath it sags into a small sinkhole.
21 - 23The worst of the catastrophe has passed – and though London turns its attention towards reconstruction, there is still time for celebration. Though the festival pavilions are looking rather dusty and battered. They won't remain in place for long[...]

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Unlocked with Involved in Mr Chimes' Grand Clearing-Out, London's Season: The Grand Clearing-Out is present (World Quality, now locked)


Clear out your attic
Ask about the dig sites
Currency3 gold.png
Purchase surplus Chthonic Scrip
Visit the Pavilion of Subterranean Delights
Visit the Marquee of Mystification
How does this work?
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    Action Cost: 0
    Locked with Number of Unveiled Dig Sites is 5 (World Quality, now locked)



    Success Instructions: Mr Chimes' Grand Clearing-Out is a collaborative event. Visit the dig sites scattered across London to contribute and help fellow Londoners permanently unlock new additions to the game.

    You can find dig sites on Moloch Street, in Spite, at the University, in the Singing Mandrake, and at the Blind Helmsman.

    On the way, you'll get rewards and find new items – and perhaps encounter a few surprises.
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Currency3 gold.png
Send someone a gift of Chthonic Scrip
Turn in your Free Gift