Nab a supply of Incorruptible Biscuits on your way out

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From: The Entrance Hall

This event is drawing to its end, and the caterer is removing the unused supplies.

Game Instructions: This will be your last action for this visit to Helicon House, though you can return to pursue other options later. You will not lose whatever Investigating..., Fascinating..., or Inspired... you may have accumulated on this trip.

Locked with Door.png Time Remaining at Helicon House 2


Stacked crates

One might question the methods of caterer who reuses supply to this extent[…]

[…]You blend in with the staff and 'help' to remove a number of crates. They're sufficiently inattentive that they even offer you a small gratuity in thanks for your assistance.

Description summary:
You helped yourself to a lot of imperishable take-aways.

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