The Entrance Hall

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Helicon House is the result of an architect copying the centuries-old townhouse of His Amused Lordship […] redesigning the rooms to be twice as large. […]

[…] you can see everyone who enters, and everyone who passes from one part of Helicon to another.

[Find the rest of the story at]

Unlocked with a redirect from Alone, or with a companion?, Time Remaining at Helicon House

Storylet appears in Helicon House

With Time Remaining > 2

Eye brown.png

Keep a close eye on everyone present (with Time Remaining 2 or higher)


Slip a few snacks to your Rubbery Hound (with Time Remaining 2 or higher)

Catrubbery hallowmas.png

Deploy your Morally and Physically Flexible Rubbery Cat (with Time Remaining 4 or higher)

With Time Remaining at most 1


Nab a supply of Incorruptible Biscuits on your way out


Forget the biscuits, take the Solacefruit


Never mind the Solacefruit, take the mushroom vol-au-vents

Fitting in Required


Work out where honey is being sipped (with Fitting in 3)


Detect where amber is being boiled (with Fitting in 3)


Discover where illusions are being staged (with Fitting in 3)


Be let into the sculpture garden (with Fitting in 3 and the Amber Pendant)