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From: The lights are out

This is the greatest opportunity of the age for loot! Your competitors will already be at work. You'll have to move quickly if you're going to take advantage.


Swift and silent

[…] Pages' shrieks still ring in your ears, but you have his void-dyed robe, and you know its uses. […] it's here you find […] a sloshing keg of Hesperidean cider. […]once on the Surface, you may very well be the richest human being alive. […]

Description summary:
You use the cover of the night to murder Mr Pages and use its robe to stealth your way into the very heart of the Bazaar. Pilfering the most precious riches of the Neath and gorging yourself on Hesperidean cider you make your way Travertine Spiral which opens to the surface. There, above, you can use your stolen goods to become the richest human being alive - perhaps even buy yourself an empire.

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