Offer your Attar to the Temple

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From: Near Arbor (Temple)

The Priests-in-Scarlet collect Attar as tithes to the Roseate Queen. In Far Arbor, the priests will make the Attar into a crown, for the betterment of her dreams.

Game Instructions: You will surrender all of your Attar for an equivalent in Presbyterate Passphrases.

Unlocked with The Rose-Red Streets exactly 1, Arbor: Permission to Linger, 1-4 x Attar


The ordeals of Huz

[…] With a long golden spoon she drips honey onto your eyes […]

Large, Huz bees emerge. The Priest-in-Scarlet sets them to work, nuzzling into your tear ducts. […] When the ordeal is finished, the Priest amends your paper.

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