Open it (With The Prelapsarian Exhibition 100)

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From: An Unexpected Gift

What could be inside?

Unlocked with The Prelapsarian Exhibition exactly 100



[…] 'From the Head Curator, with sincere thanks for all your contributions.' […]

Inside is a children's toy[…]

[…] I believe you might appreciate one of the remaining prototypes.'

The dancing, repeating scenes are made of simple black and white silhouettes. […]

Description summary:
F. F. Gebrandt has sent you a zoetrope, with different strips of paper featuring subjects such as an urchin, a snake, or a ballerina. But it holds secrets, and the scenes are not as innocent as they seem. Under candlelight, the black-and-white silhouettes reveal additional details in grey, such as the ballerina holding a knife behind her back.

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