Order your affairs; then attend.

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From: A Polite Invitation

Action Cost: 3

The life of a Knife-and-Candle player can be complicated. You'll have to spend some time making the necessary arrangements to ensure the party is not rudely interrupted. However, the other guests will be eager to question you about your exploits.

Game Instructions: This will move you to a different area and empty your hand of opportunity cards. You may be safe from Knife-and-Candle attacks while at the party... unless another player has been invited too. You start with slightly more Talk of the Town.

Unlocked with A Participant in the Underground Leagues of Knife-and-Candle 1


'The Underground Leagues? I thought they were a myth?'

Judging from the coffee-house talk, yours is just one of an impressive list of names set to attend. They haven't limited themselves to the great and the good. The bad, the ambiguous, and the undecided have all had invitations, too.

Game Instructions: What to do at a party:

1. Your Time Remaining... quality tells you how long you have left at the party. When it reaches zero you will return to your lodgings.

2. Each party passes through a number of stages: arrival, mingling, finding a dance partner, the last dance, dining, winding down, and leaving.

3. Parties are a good way to increase your Talk of the Town quality. At the end of the evening there may be a opportunity to trade Talk of the Town for a Personal Recommendation or Favour in High Places, valuable qualities of use in crafting higher level items.

4. You can interact with specific guests via opportunity cards. Guests will present different possibilities as the evening progresses. Check back on them throughout the party.