Make a grand proposal of marriage

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From: Attend to Matters of the Heart

Action Cost: 5

There's a proper way to do these things. It will take an evening of romantic entertainment, the blessing of an interested party, and a ring bright as a devil's laugh.

Game Instructions: Propose marriage to another player, even if they are a Person of Some Importance.

Unlocked with 100 x Romantic Notion, 1 x Magnificent Diamond, 1 x Personal Recommendation, 1 x Night on the Town, 1 x Free Evening, Seen with [friend] 1

Locked with Images of a Wedding:, Organising a Wedding, Committed:, Espoused to each other, Engaged to each other, Humbly Proposing each other or Extravagantly Proposing each other

Your friend needs A Person of Some Importance -, Seen with you, Committed: is: You are not committed to a relationship, Organising a Wedding 0, Images of a Wedding: 0

When Sent

The moment

The ring shines in the glim-light. Your words hang in the Neathy air. Say yes. Say yes.

In Messages Tab

You will receive:

What will they say?

Your friend will receive:

[Your name] has asked you to marry them!