Plans within Plans

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From: Knife-and-Candle: attack!

Use Baroque! This works best if your opponent is less Baroque than you.

Game Instructions: The winner will take an Iron Knife Token from the loser - and a Giggling Mandrake if they have one. Baroque players are often in it for the long game! Winning a Baroque contest will decrease your Baroque, and losing will increase it, up to a point. Changing your Form will always reset it.

Unlocked with 2 x Iron Knife Token, Watchful 30

Challenge with Baroque!

Once Chosen

A clockwork gavotte

The battle is decided! If you've won, you'll take an Iron Knife Token from your opponent... if you're defeated, your opponent will take one from you. Check your Messages inbox for more information.


Your Plans within Plans have confounded [Rival]! You've claimed one of their Iron Knife Tokens.


[Rival] has bewildered you with their Plans within Plans! You've lost an Iron Knife Token to them.