Play a round with your own deck

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From: Cards in the Cold

You're more likely to win with cards of your own.

Unlocked with The Marvellous, 1 x Crystallised Curio

Challenge information

A matter of luck: How can you fail? (success chance: 90%)


Marvellous luck

[…] The game itself hardly matters. The cards always happen to fall in your favour.

"I've never seen cards fall so smugly before," […] "Is it just my imagination?"

You neither confirm nor deny anything. […] she whispers to make sure the deck can't overhear.

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Slippery probabilities

Even this deck can succumb to the cold. […] You can sense your luck sliding like someone on icy pavement. What should have been your victory lands in the Steward's lap instead. "I do believe your cards are moping," says the Steward,[…]

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