Poison an acquaintance!

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From: Attend to Matters of Danger and Wounds

Is this mischievous or malicious?

Game Instructions: You can poison someone under the guise of tending their wounds, instead increasing their Wounds. But they must let you close enough first. They need to have Wounds of at least 3.

Unlocked with Dangerous 10

Your friend needs Wounds 3

When Sent


Will your target trust you?

In Messages Tab

You will receive:

You have asked [friend's name] if you may nurse them back to health. Are they so foolish as to let you?

Your friend will receive:

  • Mercyhandsmall.png [Your name] wants to help nurse you back to health. (Do you trust them? They might be trying to poison you!)

Redirects to: An Offer of Medical Assistance (dupe)