Pour out all you know to the Starry-Eyed Scoundrel

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From: Spread the Tale of the Worlds Beyond the Horizon

Action Cost: 2

The romantic rogue merely needs the right inspiration to send him on adventure. This is for his own good.

Game Instructions: This will get you an Intriguer's Compendium. You will lose your Starry-Eyed Scoundrel.

Unlocked with 2 x Sky-Story, 1 x Starry-Eyed Scoundrel


Twice, to be sure

The Starry-Eyed Scoundrel […] is shaking with excitement. "I have to go there. Imagine – being one of the first to see those skies... To see stars again!"

He passes you a thick journal[…] "I won't be needing this, there." […] You don't see him again.

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