Protest the Jovial Contrarian's Campaign (The Waswood)

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From: The Jovial Contrarian in the Waswood

He may appreciate the gesture. He does claim to love debate, after all. Besides, you're a dab hand with a placard.

Challenge information

Broad, Persuasive 25

  • 18 - very chancy (43%)
  • 22 - chancy (52%)
  • 26 - modest (62%)
  • 30 - very modest (72%)
  • 34 - low-risk (81%)
  • 38 - straightforward (91%)
  • 42 - straightforward (100%)


Meeting on the field of victory

You gather a coalition of betrayed revolutionaries, criminals […] who are very fond of the status quo, thank you very much […]

[…] Things look like they're about to get very ugly […] when the […] Contrarian himself wheels out […] He even shakes your hand at the end.

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A lesson in civics

London is not a free city. […] Your state in life rarely varies from that you were born into. Speech is certainly not free […] the Constables […] remind you of this. Their pains, they assure you, are much greater than any you might currently be experiencing […]

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