Put up a statue honouring the Bishop of Watchmaker's Hill, that is, Yourself

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From: Offices of the Tracklayer's Union: Burrow-Infra-Mump Branch

You are a pillar of not one, but two churches. That probably deserves a statue.

Game Instructions: This statue will allow you to create Verses of Counter-Creed. It is available to players who have experienced the Exceptional Story 'The Sinking Synod.'

Unlocked with Genesis of a Diocese 400, (50 x ( Burrow-Infra-Mump Development + 1)) x Hinterland Scrip

Locked with Burrow-Infra-Mump Commemorative Development


No reward narrative information available for Fate-locked actions.

Under the Statue: Make an addendum to the Church in the Wild's Theology