Ravages of Parabolan Warfare

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Is the fighting recent in Parabola? Are things difficult there?

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The view from the top of the Dome of Scales

0 - 3You can see closer things, too: the jungle canopy, the edges of your Base-Camp. Far off, the Smoking Shore.
4 - 7Parabola has not been too damaged recently: there are no armies moving on the horizon, no burnt swathes in the foliage. Your Base-Camp is safe, and not very distant.
8 - 11Here and there, the traces of battle are still visible – dead trees in the jungle, meadows that have ceased to bloom. At least your Base-Camp is safe.
12 - 19The terrain still shows the destruction of recent battles. Whole areas of the forest are laid low, and the hulks of siege-machines have been left to rot. Your Base-Camp bristles with guards.
20+Destruction from the recent war is visible everywhere. Smoke hangs in the air; ash blows across your cheek. Carrion birds circle over a field of the vanquished.