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From: Ambition: Bag a Legend! – On the Way In

She has already turned away, and her Clay companion is escorting her out.


Gratitude? Or warning?

One Master down, it says. Fires is the most dangerous Master after Veils. Protect yourself.

[…] a few sigils […] Offer of return to service. Last hour with a friend.

[…] you can call her back to the lab, if you need her. […]

Description summary:
April warns you to beware Mr Fires. She also offers her help in your Lab again. The reason why varies with your Colour at the Chessboard.

Colour at the ChessboardDescription
RedPerhaps your causes will align again one day.
BlackThere are many types of Revolutionary; you and April might or might not always be of the same faction. But you play for Black. As long as that is true, you and April will have a shared cause against the Masters, at the least.
WhiteDoes she know that you play on the side of White? Or does she think you opposed Veils for ideological reasons? If she is willing to be useful to you, perhaps it will not matter.

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