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From: The Rewards of Ambition

You killed a Master, except for the part that offered you power and influence. That part you retained.

Game Instructions: This will grant a mix of rewards and reduce your Nightmares.

Unlocked with Ambition: Bag a Legend! 3000 - 3100




London, too, is not quite as it was. […]

Description summary:
The first paragraph varies based on Railway progression. The second paragraph varies based on The Airs of London.

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Station UnlockedFirst Paragraph
(None)You sit at your desk and read secrets taken from the correspondences of princes.
UnknownYou sit at your desk and read a detailed analysis of smuggling and shipping between the Surface and the Neath, so far as your spies can tell.
Jericho Locks - Magistracy of the EvenlodeYou sit at your desk and read news from your Surface spies in Venice: they can find no evidence that the Gondoliers of Jericho can claim a true descent from there.
BalmoralYou sit at your desk and read your Surface spies' opinion of your new acquaintances at Balmoral.
Station VIIIYou sit at your desk and read an acute analysis of political affairs in South America, and a few lines on Cuba as well; they are more and more a part of the Game.
Burrow-Infra-MumpYou sit at your desk and read an assessment of the principal religious powers on the Surface, and how they might react to doings in Burrow, should they come to hear of it. One of your agents went so far as to ask […] The response is certainly wordy.
MoulinYou sit at your desk and read an account – somewhat patched together – of the First City prior to its fall. It was once famed for its position at the crossroads of trade.
The Hurlers - MarigoldYou sit at your desk and read collated secrets from the desks of princes and industrialists, cabinets and committees.
AirsSecond Paragraph
3 - 19You received a note from the Foreign Office today, asking whether you'd like to dress up as the Vake for a celebration to be held on their roof. Apparently it is a tradition.
22 - 30The Gazette reports that an archaeological expedition has discovered a disused Fourth City workshop in the Forgotten Quarter, which appears to have been "recently squatted by industrial interlopers."
41 - 51The Gazette prints an open letter of complaint to Thyrsus Wines, on the grounds that the Black Wings Absinthe purchased from that establishment has gone off, and that it no longer has the flavour to which the drinker had become accustomed.
62 - 76A report in the Gazette: Mr Veils' shops and warehouses are believed to be under new management. The results are generally deemed disappointing.
86 - 88Last night you heard a rumour that Mr Veils had been seen walking in the city, but, on inspection, it turned out to be a Rubbery Man in robes.
99The Gazette reports on an accident in one of Mr Fires' workshops, which left a number of workers with serious burns.